Dear fellow traveler,

I hope everything is ok with you at the other side of the world :) I have returned to NL again, in matter of fact I already worked two days last week. I believe you are still travellling in the East of Indonesia and hope you are enjoying every second. Reviewing the pictures this weekend make me realized that it was an amazing trip especially our boattrip that we shared together. 

I am pretty curious how you continued your trip? Did you have a safe travels on Flores? Have you seen amazing and beautifull things? I have to say, my trip was amazing with a good closure by diving around Komodo and Rinca Island – the diving was beautifull and amazing ;-). The last two days at Labuanbajo I also spent time with Mick and Nereda, a really nice couple and maybe one address to visit in the future.

I hope you can share some of your travel experiences as it is always good fun to hear and learn from others.

We will stay in touch and I wish you good luck with your travel plans and the invitation for the Netherlands is always valid for you. Good luck with your study and make sure you will end your university with high marks :-)

Take care.

– Your travel buddy.

Itu sepotong email yang saya terima dari salah satu travelmate saya saat di Flores waktu lalu. Siapa bilang solo traveling itu bakal kesepian? Kalau dipikir, memang iya pasti kesepian. Tapi, solo traveling akan memaksa kita untuk berkenalan, membuat teman-teman baru, dan jauh lebih bisa menjelajahi tempat yang kita datangi. Walaupun terkadang memang perasaan i-wish-you-were-here seringkali muncul hehe.

Take care my friend, the time when i visit your country will come soon :)

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    • ahaha iya sih ya. Ya pas di kapal itu kan cuma 4 hari ramean kin, abis itu sisa seminggu sebelum dan sesudahnya sendirian lagi. Entah apa namanya itu bebas lah yang penting jalan :p
      Mungkin kalo uang-nya cukup bisa nyewa perahu sendiri buat “solo” :))

Bagaimana menurutmu? Silakan tinggalkan komentar dibawah ini ya! :')