Testing d90 autofocus


What? did you just said d90? Hehe.. :lol:

After spending almost four years using my trusty d40, i decided to upgrade. Well, there is no particular reason, my d40 is just work up until now. It has reached its 130.000 shutter count. I wonder why the shutter isn’t broken yet, because Nikon says it only has 100.000 count.

As for the d90, you know it’s really wonderful camera. I almost bought the d300, but when i tried my friend’s, the image quality is about the same. This also applied to d5000. Since i am not a sports shooter who need 8 fps burst and crazy 51 point autofocus, i went for d90, and feels happy. :D

This morning, i played futsal with my classmate. Just curious about the d90 autofocus capability, i bring it along. Paired  with 70-200 f2.8 VR, the tracking speed is very fast, but not as fast and accurate as the d300. It’s just a consumer grade autofocus. But, it’s world better than my old d40 hehe.

You can see the result below, have a nice light!


  1. Niiicceee…
    Funny, I guess there are a lot of people who get D40 as their first DSLR, and then upgrade to D90… myself included :D…

    Have fun with D90!

  2. wah… senasib, ganti D90 dua minggu lalu setelah 14 bulan mencoba D40 :D
    sementara cuma dipasangkan dengan 50mm 1.8, semoga tidak tergoda nambah yang lain2… (tapi sepertinya mustahil :hammer)

  3. mas wira saya juga pake d90 tp kenapa hasil dari jepretan saya tdk selalu jelas atau seperti ada kabut dan tidk clear seperti diatas mohon sarannya nih mas? terim kasih

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